A Florida Non-Profit, 501(c) (3) Tax-Exempt Public Charity # N07000007121

American Hometown Veteran Assist, Inc. loosely formed in February 2007 as a small group of volunteers dedicated to raising funds to help (primarily) war-wounded veterans and their families residing within 100 miles of Fort White, FL. We incorporated in July that year as American Hometown Fundraiser, Inc.

In 2008, we reorganized, added a Director, re-named the corporation to better reflect what we do. In March, 2009, we were granted Tax-exempt Public Charity status, retroactive to our founding.

We don't seek notoriety. Our desire is to help make lives better in whatever small way we can for some of the veterans, and their families, who have sacrificed so much to keep us free and safe. We thank all veterans for their service, whether during war or peace. We recognize the challenge of “Keeping the Peace” will occasionally necessitate waging a war, & that even in peace time, a strong military presence is needed, continuing the personal sacrifices inherent in their service.

We are all volunteers. Nobody gets a paycheck & we strive to keep our operating expenses as low as possible. You won't see a lot of glitz around us - we are ardent subscribers to the "KISS Principle", and are committed to using the funds we receive to the maximum benefit of those who have given so much for all of us: Our Veterans & their families!

We are a little different.
What makes us different from many of the other fine organizations giving needed help to our veterans? Many of them cut off assistance eligibility at six or twelve months after discharge; we serve all generations of veterans. Most limit assistance to a single request; while we guard against being “enablers”, we have granted multiple assists where deemed prudent and necessary. Some groups assist with only certain things, such as utility bills, rent/mortgage, etc.; we evaluate each case on its merits, through the lens of our Mission Statement—regardless the nature of the request. We recognize there will be diversity in the situations which will arise in their lives.

Tax-deductible donations always gratefully accepted

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